Our Goal:

Nepal health Scholarships aims to improve the health of the people of Nepal, especially those who are impoverished and living in remote or rural areas, by funding medical scholarships at the Patan Academy of Health Sciences (PAHS)

Imagine having to walk several days to reach a doctor. This is the plight of many Nepalese, 80% of whom live in rural and remote areas. The state of medical care in rural Nepal is very poor. Many of the government health posts lack basic equipment and some have not been staffed for years.

One of the reasons medical care in rural Nepal is so poor is the reluctance of doctors to work in remote communities. Medical schools in Nepal demand high fees making medical training only available for the wealthy. Once trained, doctors prefer to work in Kathmandu to repay their debt and over 50% of Nepalese doctors leave Nepal to work in developed countries including Australia. 

Nepal Health Scholarships hopes to address these inequalities by recruiting medical students from rural and remote communities, especially underprivilliged people who would usually be unable to study medicine. These doctors will be trained with a public health focus and a large amount of support will be provided to them when they return to remote communities during training and after graduation where they are bonded to their communities for 4 years. The aim is to create a sustainable rural and remote workforce for Nepal's poor and disadvantaged.

Please help Nepal Health Scholarships in their vision to train doctors to provide essential medical care for remote communities throughout Nepal. A single donation or a regular commitment will give a bright, promising  student from a remote part of Nepal the opportunity to fulfill their dream of becoming a doctor, and will help address the appalling lack of health care in much of the country.