Dr Arjun Karki visits Australia

Dr Arjun karki, Vice Chancellor of Patan Academy Of health sciences visited Australia this week and officially opened Nepal Health Scholarships website 

Prof Karki was in Australia to talk about the new medical school PAHS. On the 12th October he officially opened Nepal Health Scholarships at a dinner held by Prof Jenny Reath at Warrimo. The dinner was attended by around 25 friends and colleagues and all were treated to a feast of Indian food.

Prof Karki then flew to Adelaide where he was the key note speaker at
The Muster, an international conference on rural and remote medicine in the Barossa Valley. He also spoke at the Sir Ewen Waterman Oration at Flinders University.
The oration, entitled 'Bridging urban-rural health divide and fostering peace in Nepal' was presented by Dr.Arjun Karki, on the 22nd of October.

Prof Karki was an inspiration to all who met him and heard him speak. He made real the need to support PAHS through Nepal Health Scholarships and so create a sustainable medical workforce for rural and remote Nepal.