NHS has funded 4 students

Since its inception in 2010 Nepal Health Scholarships ( NHS) has raised a total of $86,755. This has provided funding for 4 students on partial medical scholarships. 

As of February 2019 NHS plans to fully fund one student. Preference will be given to economically marginalised individuals who have studied in a public school.Also students of Dalit ("untouchable") or Adhivasi/Janajati (Indigenous) background and residents of remote backward regions of Far West Nepal (Humla, Dolpa, Mugu, Jumla and Kalikot), will be given preference. 

Following completion of the degree full scholarship recipients are required to work in a rural government facility for 4 years , before their degree is conferred.  Here they will be serving Nepal's poor and disadvantaged populations. 

We look forward to informing you of our new scholarship recipient in the new year and thank you for your ongoing support of NHS.