Health Needs

Health Care Needs in Nepal
Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. As a developing country Nepal faces many challenges related to poor hygiene and unclean water supplies. Infection rates are high with many respiratory and diarrhoeal illnesses,  which in turn add to the already existing malnutrition. Maternal and Infant mortality rates are also high.

The majority of the population (over 80%) live in rural areas as subsistence farmers. The difference in health status between urban and rural populations is particularly shocking. The infant mortality rate is 13.2% in rural Nepal, compared to 6% in urban Nepal. Average life expectancy is around 40-50 years in rural areas compared with 70 years in the cities. Many people have to walk for days to access the most basic medical help and most rural government health posts lack basic equipment, and some have not been staffed for years.

By donating to Nepal Health scholarship you will be contributing to the training of Doctors that will return to their communities and work to address these major health problems.