Patan Academy

Patan Academy of Health Sciences

How it began 

A group of visionary Nepalese doctors in conjunction with an international consortium of colleagues from 12 medical schools around the world, have established a new not-for-profit medical school, Patan Academy of health Sciences (PAHS).

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The International consortium includes heads of departments from medical schools around the world including Australia, Canada, Israel and the USA. Together they have developed a new and exciting medical course based on current problem based medical training. This is in contrast to many of Nepal's medical schools that teach from a traditional medical model. This new medical course combined with a large amount of on the ground support when the doctors return to their communities during training and post graduation, hopes to create a sustainable and public health focused medical workforce for Nepal's rural poor.

Students will be recruited from rural regions, many who would never have the opportunity to study medicine.

Preference will be given to female applicants, members of socially disadvantaged groups and applicants who have been employed as paramedics in remote regions. Based on international experience these applicants are more likely than those from urban areas, to return to practice in remote areas of Nepal.

Nepal Health Scholarships will produce doctors who are equipped to respond to both individual and public health issues in Nepal's rural and remote areas. 
By donating to Nepal Health Scholarships you will be supporting the creation of dedicated, well trained doctors who will make a difference to the health of Nepal's rural poor.